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Women in FLOSS day?

I just had the idea of a yearly “Women in FLOSS”-day that I posted to freedesktop-promo: [Promotion] Women in FLOSS day?  .I think this is a good idea. There are now many different FLOSS Women groups like Debian Women, GNOME Women, Ubuntu women, Fedora Women and so on. They all want to support FLOSS and women. But they are all in the minority. They need to come together to support each other. And such a day could raise enormous awareness. Not only for FLOSS, but also for womens rights. Both topics are related to freedom and emancipation. We want people to be free. We want women to be free. We want our desktops to be free! Free Software gives women the power to emancipate themselves with  a job or because they can develop software that women actually want to have and use. This is not just a marketing concept for selling women something – it is a self-empowering idea. Please forward this idea to as many women you might think are interested. I like this idea to be taken over by women. it makes no sense to think too much about the content (as a man). I will support this idea, but it should be the women who make this day their own. It is a free idea and everybody can change it and adapt it. In my vision there would be many activities around the globe and also some BarCamps . I would also like to see software companies like Google supporting this in linking to one site at this day. This could create awareness to womens rights as well as to FLOSS as a free concept that is also there for “womanhood”. Women please take over! 🙂

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