Second Look at FC6

WhatI recently realised is that the real boomer in FC6 is printing with GNOME 2.16.

  1. New system-config-printer. This works very quick in comparison to former versions
  2. Printing dialogues are much nicer and give you much more control than before.

Not sure if this is GtkPrint already? Anyway both together make configuring and printing a pleasure!

One quirk: My GIMP 2.2 can not print. Well I think the printing dialogue in GIMP sucks for along time. It was always nice because it gave you more control than common GNOME dialogues, but I always thought it was bad from the UI perspective to not have the printing settings under preferences but on print action. I guess this whole thing will get better when we see GIMP 2.4?

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One response to “Second Look at FC6

  1. You might like to try deleting all your $HOME/.gimp-2.2 and then re-startign gimp, setting up printing from scratch.

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