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Looking at Plone (vs. Drupal)

As GNOME has selected to try Plone as the CMS of choice I had volunteered as a tester. To summarize some of my experiences: Plone sure is a very powerful CMS, maybe the most powerful that we have in open source – but truely I think it is ugly and not at all elegant. As I had discovered Drupal I was excited about how easy it was to handle and I seldom had to look where to set things. As it turnes out this is very different with Plone. Although I would have liked to help I rather feel stuck – and to be honest I do not really want to learn a new CMS. What Drupal does is make things look easy and beeing easy. It is not that you can really do everything with Drupal – you often have to take things as they are, but you can invest the time you spend in adding content and plugins.

I have used XOOPS before and I think that Plone does a similar job in abstracting settings. But too much abstraction results in the user having to think too much about how things must be done. GNOME has some support Plone developers. This is nice and this sure can help to make a real good use out of it. But that’s something most Plone implementors can not expect to have.

I will rather support and GUADEC to make this website more useful because I already have experience with Drupal. And so I think I also will be more helpful and not having to learn a new CMS. For me Plone just looks not ready for simple use. But really my expectation is to make things more easy. About the localisation: I really do not think that this should be too much of a problem. I am optimistic that Drupal will have better localisation at any time soon. I think it would be most important to have a new in english soon and add what is needed later. And I think that a quick progress is more important than having a killer CMS that does everything we can think of. Right now I am switching some content of my companies: and (from WordPress) to a new Drupal installation that will also be available on I already have moved most of the content and now consider how to best do the rewriting to not loose already present links. The nice thing is that Drupal is so much powerful than WordPress by beeing really even more easy – although it is a CMS and not just a blog. Thats the magic that Drupal does: Making complex things easy. If I worked on it I had the experience that it looks like these guys have gone through the same frustrations that I had. It may be not a good CMS when you want to do a whole lot of tricks, but it stands out when you want some content management jobs done. I have not tested Midgard and some other new CMSes lately – I might choose to do so. Maybe someone likes to comment on similar experiences?

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Looking for tool to create Live CD

I am looking for a simple way to create a Live CD. What I’d like to have:

There should be a simple basis that allows me to start a simple Linux without X11, just a very core of Linux but then:

  • ability to add python 2.5

The Linux should start up very quickly. Kernel 2.4.x would be ok. Anyone has a suggestion?


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Women in FLOSS day?

I just had the idea of a yearly “Women in FLOSS”-day that I posted to freedesktop-promo: [Promotion] Women in FLOSS day?  .I think this is a good idea. There are now many different FLOSS Women groups like Debian Women, GNOME Women, Ubuntu women, Fedora Women and so on. They all want to support FLOSS and women. But they are all in the minority. They need to come together to support each other. And such a day could raise enormous awareness. Not only for FLOSS, but also for womens rights. Both topics are related to freedom and emancipation. We want people to be free. We want women to be free. We want our desktops to be free! Free Software gives women the power to emancipate themselves with  a job or because they can develop software that women actually want to have and use. This is not just a marketing concept for selling women something – it is a self-empowering idea. Please forward this idea to as many women you might think are interested. I like this idea to be taken over by women. it makes no sense to think too much about the content (as a man). I will support this idea, but it should be the women who make this day their own. It is a free idea and everybody can change it and adapt it. In my vision there would be many activities around the globe and also some BarCamps . I would also like to see software companies like Google supporting this in linking to one site at this day. This could create awareness to womens rights as well as to FLOSS as a free concept that is also there for “womanhood”. Women please take over! 🙂

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Second Look at FC6

WhatI recently realised is that the real boomer in FC6 is printing with GNOME 2.16.

  1. New system-config-printer. This works very quick in comparison to former versions
  2. Printing dialogues are much nicer and give you much more control than before.

Not sure if this is GtkPrint already? Anyway both together make configuring and printing a pleasure!

One quirk: My GIMP 2.2 can not print. Well I think the printing dialogue in GIMP sucks for along time. It was always nice because it gave you more control than common GNOME dialogues, but I always thought it was bad from the UI perspective to not have the printing settings under preferences but on print action. I guess this whole thing will get better when we see GIMP 2.4?

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