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We design freedom!

Nice to see other free software advocates like Dave Neary taking the point of freedom. I had taken some similar points at gnome-marketing list.

Dave says about freedom: “Ignoring such a powerful concept, which we *own*, seems to me like suicide. “We’re the nicer browser to use” will work for a while, but one day that may well not be the case…”

That’s exactly the point! I thinkĀ  that freedom ist playing a very minor role in marketing free software.

And I want to suggest again to combine more marketing knowledge for free software. But I thinkĀ  we should beware not to just take marketing as something we need, not something essential. For good open source marketing I recommend the reading of The art of envangelism buye Guy Kawasaki and Creating passionate users: You ARE a marketer. Deal with it. by Kathy Sierra.
Lets learn from each other.

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