First impression of Fedora Core 6

On October 24th Fedora Core 6 came out. I have installed it on my 1,6 Ghz Desktop with a 512 MB RAM and a new 250 GB Samsung disk and a DVD writer. My first impression: Really clean installation, many things go smoother than at last installation. For instance for me downloading additional is much better because there seem to be more mirrors. Yep and there is GNOME 2.16 – looks nicer and quicker really. The notification area applet is usedmuch more and better than other applications. Gaim beta is still buggy. I really do not like the icon-theme that Fedora does. I think Tangos icons are much better and they even fit better to the Fedora Theme! (strange) wih their blue.

What’s not so nice is that we did not get Firefox 2.0 . That would be a hit! GNOME 2.16 looks a bit rough to me. it looks like it wants to do everything right but the mechanics or the feeling is a bit hectic. They should work on the smoothness so that the overall impression feels more natural.

The installation of aditional repository like (for me) essential was relatively stressless, except a bug that forces the user to circumvent some obstacles by hand. Well, shit happens.

What I still find stupid is that in german Abiword is name “Textverarbeitung” and Openoffice.orgs Writer is names “Word Proccessor” (Which means “Textverarbeitung” in german.). I think there is a real problem with the idea of naming an icon by its function. Because what do you do if there are two applications that do the same thing? Why no use both? Or why not have an option to sort menu by application purpose? you can also look at one of my ideas at So far for now.

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