OpenSUSE and Fedora unite?

First off: No this is not news. If you’d expect that I tell you that this is happening you are at the wrong blog article.

I just like to be heretical. I want to tell you what I think:

  1. Both (Fedora Core and OpenSUSE) are free community projects
  2. Both are having similar goals
  3. Both work on things like 3D-Desktops
  4. Both have a tie with their parent companies (Redhat and Novell)
  5. Both use RPM as a standard.
  6. Both are already cooperating

I thin essentially Linux development should try to reduce redundancy in development. I think both come from different angles and that it would have been an illusion to bring Red Hat and SuSE together. But I now think that the projects that are more interested in the users as in the success of their parental companies.

I am not a software engineer, but as it is possible to install RPM packages on different platforms (OK don’t do that really) I think they have at least some things in common. My suggestion would be that somebody tries to unite both distributions, kind of a best-of both.

I guess repackaging is not so complicated. I would dump YAST because it is so monolithic and I would wish for OpenSUSE that they would dump it anyway.

What were the benefits:

  • Much more packages!!
  • More ease for the maintainers to only have to provide one RPM for tow major distributions!
  • This could give Linux a boost as Fedora and OpenSUSE user base is maybe doubling and so more bug reports for one distribution.

I know Red Hat already said that they like to have many different distros on the market, but from my view these two are too similar and both unified would be a great thing. Yeah, maybe I only like it if people are cooperating 😉 – I am a believer in cooperations much more as in the “everybody does what he likes best” . I try to look at it simple: What goals do we have and what can we do to reach them? I think those two could make one great distribution. This should be an external project in order not to confuse users. So now how to name this beast.

Fedora SuSE? 😉

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