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Debian & Mozilla

Some of you might already have heard of the problems between Debian and Mozilla. (see Debian Project Leader report for 2005-07-07 look for “Firefox”). I really think that this is more of a joke. First i want to comment on the so often called freedom of Debian. I don’t really think it is free. It includes more patent problematic software than any other distribution, especially related to OpenSUSE and Fedora. They have different repositories/sources for those, but they are distributed with Debian. That’s why you can listen to patented and copyrighted MP3 in Debian right from the start, but not on Fedora. The problem they have is with the trademark of Firefox.I don’t want to go too much into details. This is an evolving story. My view is that to make a fork should be possible. And if Debian chooses to do some patches quicker and better, why not. Sure this has the effect that a default installation base gets split, but if people are not really using Firefox in Debian they should see this by the name. So maybe this is what should be the default way. Debian often chooses to patch things that make software work differently – but mostly you do not recognize this “forks”. So maybe this whole issue should be seen more positive. Maybe Mozilla forces Debian to show their cards.

( see also Behind the Debian and Mozilla dispute over use of Firefox )

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