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Outkast new album

Wow, take a listen to that new Outkast album “Idlewild”

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Switching from Evolution to Thunderbird

((Update Aug 21 07 : Actually I recently switched again from TB to Claws-Mail))
After many, many years with Evolution as my favourite mail client I decided to switch.  Why did I choose that?

  1. The Evolution guys are declining to switching to the Thunderbird system of marking spam. That means that you must open a mail to mark it as spam. So i am forced to read it. (See my bug 301339 )
  2. Actually Evolution is not marking spam that i have trained it for months while Thunderbird does it nearly from the first day. I don’t know why it is like this.
  3. Thunderbird is real cross-plattform and seems to be more promising in the future with more user feedback and also support. Evolution is more Novell centric And might be in the focus of helping Hula to gain ground. Don’t misunderstand me: I think Hula is interesting, but I am not using Evolution to help Novell.
  4. Evolution actually did not much exciting stuff that was interesting to me. The Microsoft Exchange Support is great, but i don’t use that anyway.
  5. My customers prefer Thunderbird because it is cross plattform. it’s nice to use the same client as your customers because than you know many tricks.
  6. I am using IMAP and so i am able to switch whenever I want.
  7. The integration of Evolution into GNOME (GAIM,Ekiga,etc.) is not very strong. You can use the Evo addressbook to add a Jabber address to a contact, but thats not very comfortable and i never really found out how this is supposed to be used.

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