finally mobile again…

So I admit I am a Bromptonaut. This are people who ride a Brompton folding bike. Mine is a T5 from 1995 – and still running. They have great material. Though last year I had a near-accident as on of my cable breaks ripped as I was cycling in direction of red traffic lights 😦 – I was lucky. I now ordered a complete new set of cables for all parts so i do not make the same experience so soon. And today I had my first ride again (“Vinci rides again”. LOL). I missed my bike. I have no experience with other folding bikes – maybe there is something better. There are only three drawbacks I have experienced:

1.) If you carry it with your hands – it can be quite heavy – every kilo less would be nice.
2.) I did not have a folding pedal so one pedal was often not very helpful when I tried to transport it in trains. One time my bike nearly dropped on the head of passenger if not somebody else would have seen and catched it. 😦 So guys: Better put this bike on the floor.
3.) The default saddle was not very good. It is suggested that one should grab the bike oin the saddle, but if you did this the saddle got destroyed very soon.

Nonetheless I could not live without this brompton search, Brompton Bicycle article Wikipedia.

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