Free Software Group in SL

Finally the Free Software Group in SL had its first meeting you can find pictures, descriptions and a chat log here. We were only 3 people but had a really good discussion. Our next meeting is at next saturday at the same place. I hope some more people will come. And i like to vote some fellow promotes/officers that help in organizing events. Our discussion focused around what free software means inside SL, if there could be a free alternative to SL and of a possible FS booth in SL. I see this group as a possible catalysator for further developments. There are other groups like "GNOME Lovers", but I found this not to be that communicative. But communication is important to build community. I would also like to cooperate with NCI in SL at some point and to organize lectures to the use of free software. We should also have somebody giving a talk about free software (maybe from FSF) at some point. Contact me if you are interested in any of the above points.

I have also wrote a little plugin for Moin Wiki that formats SecondLife chats. You can find this under Tools in SecondTux wiki.


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