Kill the GNOME Foundation?

The recent announcement of Red Hat to kill the Fedora Foundation and the problems of KDE with version 4 and GNOME with version 3 of their desktops have led me to the thought if it would not be better to reorganize the desktop organisations.

I think the GNOME foundation makes no sense. Their goals of furthering a free Unix desktop can be achieved better with a collaboration with KDE. So if there is a Free Desktop Foundation, this should be responsible for all aspects besides the technical ones. And for GNOME 3 and KDE 4 i think it will absolutely essential that no desktop will try to be “ahead” of the other just to be “first”. The first goal must be to make a better basis for free desktops and to develop new technologies while also helping to resolve patent issues that might evolve. The goals of the current GNOME Foundation are so general that they really have to help KDE, because it now fits to their definition.

We must separate what are the real differences of KDE and GNOME and to give the developments enugh space to develop without trying to reinvent the wheel in both camps. This is already happening daily on a technical level between programmers, at and now Project Portland. And also recently there were some works to join forces in marketing. But I think still what is in the way is that this are two camps that meet more often but often develop inside their camps and talk more often to their own folks.

A better way would be if there would be one camp but two desktops as there are many concurrent applications on every desktop. Interaction between application and “coopetition” is what makes the free desktops different to the common desktops like WindowsXP and MacOsX.

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