GNOME goals 2006

At GNOMErs think about goals they like to reach next.

If I lookes at the list I wondered about the perspective of the developers and users that added some content. Maybe all these point are worth resolving. I added my #1 goal for GNOME because I think nothing is more important and nothing is more 'trivial' in some sense. I will add some more points here. The ohers will be more random than the first because I have not thought too much abotu them:

1) Ink level status – For everybody who owns a printer the fact today is that you can not get info about the ink level status from GNOME. This means that you can not really use a printer – you will have to replace all ink cartridges although only one is affected. There really is no solution. The program "escputil" really never worked for me – and I have not seen a project inside GNOME to take on about this task. So this was number one for me!

2) A decent CD wrting application. – Nautilus works great for data, but for Audio CDs and Video-DVD Graveman and GNOMEbaker still are not what they should be. I also wonder why they do not join forces. We need a K3b for GNOME!

3) Working SAMBA on all levels – There are still some issues with samba in GNOME 2.14. You often can not open from a samba ressource from an application. Same is true for other networking protocols. But progress was made here.

4) The webbrowser situation – Right now ubuntu and Fedora have Firefox as the default web browser, although they both have GNOME a s the default desktop. So both agree that Epiphany is not the rigth choice. I agree with them. But this situation should be resolved. I guess it would be better to make a package that helps integrating Firefox in GNOME better and to work on Firefox as to continue work on Epiphany. It has still some issues. Some concepts are nice, but also could be easily made as a kind of "epiphany-extension" for firefox.

5) The situation between Thunderbird and Evolution on mail is different – here Evolution clearly has some benefits that you don't have on Thunderbird. Although I still need to argue about Evolution guys copying the "spam marking" mechanism from Thudnerbird because it is simply better. On Thunderbird you don't have to open spam, just flag it as such, even if you have a preview pane open. (Evolutions guys wanted me rather to close preview pane, but I think both features should be compatible)

6) Update situation – I think it makes not so much sense that update mechanisms are still an issue for the distributions. From a UI perspective it is important that on every GNOME updating a packages is done the same way.

That for now.

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