Is SL a game?

I had the idea to ask me this question again and again after a while. And see who my views re changing. Right now I would say: Yes, because people use it as is an infinite game where the rules are very raw and sparsely defined.

Many citizens pretned to take it seriously – there is money in the hole affair so one could argue with money iots the end of business. But this would mean that computer games as such are no games if sold or borad games – or that sports are no games at all. 

I think it is a game, but the rules are changing. LL makes some rules but most are made by the citizens themselves. Some get aggressive if you dont follow the rules as they see them. That can mean to change your look to something more eye appealing. It sounds stupid but some ppl really expect this from you – they do not accept that one does not try to look good seriously. Well that is not that different as RL. But SL being similar on many parts as RL does not mean that SL is not a game.

Many elders think they must tell newcomers that it is not a game, because it is important to THEM. But I agree that SL is not JUST a game – or it is more than one commonly expects from a game.


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