A speach of no(n)sense

Yesterday I followed the speach of Governor Philip Linden. This was awfully slow and he also had some crashes (so the Sim he made his speach, too). I followed it along with a crowd at  a repeater at the new citizen plaza. My general criticism:

This could be a whole more compact.
And I rather would have expected that he talks more about internal issues as about the client itself. I think development goes on at Linden Labs and ppl contribute in forums and via email.

My greatest concern in the internal matters are that in SL there is currently no court system. So all disputes have to be fought through the external laws. this endangers SL as a whole. Rather than having support people to investigate every cause and often reject to interfere Every Sim or region should try to build places where citizens can complain. I think many cases could be settled by mediators, too.
I don’t think that SL is not a game at all. It is a place that is made of RL phantasies and lives from the imagination and actions of the citizens. I think some citizens should try to help in organize the living. This can not be done by Linden Labs. Linden Labs can and should help. I hope there is something going on at Democracy island, soon.

A governor shpuld at first listen to the citizens – but I aslso dont think that a governor alone should rule or decide. The problem we have now is that everything depends on the commercial interests of one company. YOu think this is different to RL? What ybout the time where railways where built? Or new cities? Most of what mankind ever built was driven by interests of a single or a group of individuals. But clearly so, at some point things should become common goods. I think LL will make their profit nonetheless. We should try to start with some kind of decision making. I think this should definetly not be started with design decisions, the software and the client – we should let that in the hands of LL! We can, though enforce the use of more open source (client, infrastructure) in the future. I dont want to help LL make their money. They can try this themselves. I have my own interests in this place.

I have the interests in building anarchistic structures in SL. For me this means that citizens decide by themselves what they do. But this DOES NOT mean that everybody can do what he wants. You need structure and decision making if you do not want people work against each other. Anarchy means that somebody respects his neighbour and does not build advertisements in front of him – that they cooperate and work together, that they share. I think most of SL already is about sharing. This makes SL interesting and strong. I think the more capitalistic structure simply takes profit from the huge amount of Lindens that are floating around and those business simpy satisfy the demands of the citizens. So a citizen is reduced to its role of a buyer. That’s ok if people want that. But I would like to build the opportunity to satisfy my needs in other ways that are more engaging and could even be more fun and cost a lot less money. The proble is, that RL and SL heavily depend on the money culture, Money is an abstraction of giving and taking but it does and can not represent everything that is important for us. But nobody will state that he insits on spending money, when he or she does not have to! 🙂
So this is quite theoretical. I am open to every practical action to test this theories.



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