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I am quite surprised. In:

I Like Monkeys » Blog Archive » mono in fc5

you find that FedoraCore will support Mono. Is this a joke? Not that I do not like Mono. I do. But it took me months only to find out why Mono will NEVER be included. What i don’t like about this communication is, that it seems to be it was not openly discussed.

I also was one of the users who would have eventually switched to another distribution if Mono would have not been supported in the future. I know its kind of a Microsoft thingy (C#), but I don’t think everything Microsoft invented is bad. We do use Samba and every distributions includes it.
I am quite happy with this decision. Why? Because especially in GNOME there are many excinting new applications that did get a high rating in gnomefiles.org. So the problem was on the one hand many attractive applications are written wit Mono but my favourite distribution did not officially support them.

… And I hate unofficla repositories. F-Spot mostly does not work with these unofficla repos, at least on my installation.

Fedora, you are the one! But: Please consider discussing those matters more openly! Users like to share thoughts and want to know what happens tomorow. FedoraCore wanted to become a community driven distribution. And community did not  know that such a decision would come!?


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