Are News Feeds cool?

Are they? I think from technological perspective: yes, although I don’t really use subscribtions to thousands of feeds. I don’t want to use an extra application just for RSS/RDF/Atom feeds. I think it is nice to implement these in websites and I somehow like the imlementation in Firefox and how easy it is to add it.

But I think it is not nice to use them. I rather like to go to a blog of somebody who make a selection. If you want to hear a regular podcast or want to be informed of every news item it may also be nice. I like the idea to use RDF for announcements of updated packages for my distribution. What is not so nice is that you rarely get nice previews of the content. And just the headlines is often not nice. So it is quicker for me to got to a site like FootNotes and look if I know the content. I also see if some article is presented more exposed than another. I would think that a snapshot of a website that I can enlarge would be much more easy as if I have to read all headlines and choose which one I know. RDF is nice, if there is some extra technology that makes it easy. And I also like to see headlines very compact in and RDF feed IF i wanted to read a newsfeed of a new site, or that I read seldom. THAN overviewing the headlines can be nice. So it depends very much on the usage.

What I also would expect from nice RDF readers is that RDF feeds can be displayed in a mixed mode. I mean listing by date, not by feed. All feed-readers I have see so far want me to click on each feed folder to display the entries. I would expect them to be listed like a classical mail inbox . I would like to sort by date, name, keywords/tags, whatever.

I also would love to have and Google integrated and some kind of rating. Maybe if a headline has more links in and a good Google page rank is displayed more prominent. There should also be a filter, so you can rearrange the rating. The result should be that the most important news for me is more obvious. I am not very excited what was done until now with RSS/RDF readers. At least what I have seen on Linux, yet. if anybody has seens soemthing really good please send a hint. I also think we don’t need JARFR (Just Another RDF Feed Reader). Maybe this is very easy to do and is fun?


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