Why I love FedoraCore

Just today I got updates for FedoraCore 4 for

  • Gnucash 1.8.12
  • GIMP 2.2.10

Both are the most least versions. I am talking about the stable version of FedoraCore I have used Debian before. Right now Debian stable newest version of GIMP is 2.2.6. And this, allthough the stable Debian is quite new. FedoraCore enables me to use new, stable versions of software, especially of famous desktop software. I am neither forced to use unofficial backports nor to use any unstable or testing versions that could break my system. The releases are not immediately and sometimes stable gets not updated – as now there is no GNOME 2.12, but GNOME 2.14 will be released with FedoraCore 5 in February. Major updates all 6 months is ok for me. In Debian you often have to wait 3 years. That’s just not it. I think Debian is great with dpkg ans such things, althiough in my experience I have al lot less trouble with dependencies and the packages system in FedoraCore as in Debian or Ubuntu (Which is based on Debian). I have a testing system with Ubuntu. I still do not have a real stable OpenOffice 2 release, although I have updated to the newest Ubuntu “Breezy Badger”.

I am also testing OpenSuse . It’s quite nice, but still it has this YAST applications that manages everything. This yast allows me to have as much update software windows open as I want. Why? As I can only update in one window this makes no sense. OpenSuse ist going in a similar direction as FedoraCore in many ways, but still it is not as matue as FedoraCore. I still have not tested some of the newer distributions, so I don’t say anything about Mandriva or MEPIS. I want to give them a try at some point. But still now they will have to be measured after the standard FedoraCore sets for me.
It’s strange, but I found that FedoraCore is not very popular, but many people complaining about it have never seen or tested it. So, no wonder? I’m quite unemotional about distributions. if I am unsatisfied, I do not hesitate to switch. I do not like to switch, because this always means some trouble. But sometimes it has to be. If FedoraCore would not be so stable I have switched on the release of GNOME 2.12. FedoraCore is releasing at this time and I love to use the newest GNOME, because it is always better in some way – and I go along the strategy of GNOME to stick to its HIG. I do not think being a power user should mean that you have to mess with every possible setting. Although I love to see GNOME finally work at providing some real good settings for the print dialogs. GNOME people are taking their time. If you want everything now, GNOME is not right for you. And I like FedoraCore to primarily focus on GNOME.


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