Idea for dynamic #QRcode generator

I don’t know if maybe this exist yet. The idea is to have an application that displays an every changing QR code (like the program “watch”). For example this could be:

  • A clock. So the qr code contains the time with seconds
  • location information
  • temperature and other data


A simpler solution sure is to have an URI which has all the information. But wouldn’t it be nicer to have the information already without internet connection.

Other solution would be to create a bell or a key. So every time somebody scans the code it opens a code that only somebody that stands before the code/door can see. So something knows, that somebody is really standing in front of the door. So you know that you might want to open the door for them, either automatically or you go and open it for them because you get a message from an IM.

The simples form to experiment would be a program that takes any input and displays it immediately. That would not even need to know qr code. But an image viewer might be too slow. If this program already exist, please let me know. I am not a programmer, but would like to see it. ūüėČ

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Saving Data on Desktop Computers

Since some years my feeling is, that the current model of saving data like text ist very flawed. Especially the concept to save something in folders.

The problems I see with that are:

  1. If you want to load the data back into your computer (like a word processor), you need to remember where you put the file. Or if you share a space you need the information where somebody had put the data.
  2. If you save similar files, you also need to remember or the information where similar files had been put beforehand.

What is the solution?

The right solution would be to put a lot of intelligence of software for saving and loading files. For example:

  • If you safe something you may add some tags or categories. For images you can also save the EXIF data. Or you can add a project name or link it graphically to existing data.
  • If you load data you can type or select projects, file types, dates, keywords or categories.

So like you have only one file with some rare filetype,why ¬†in the world should you need to search ALL folders to find it again? On Unix there is alwas a database of all files. So a command like “locate file.rareextension” would alway show you where the file with the rare extension is.

Or you like to work with an audio project or some images – why sould you need to look for a folder. Especially if you might have distributed files in different locations.

So the general idea is , that applications do not give you direct access to your file system, This is rather abstract. And you only need the folders if you want to export files. So there is more like a data management instead of file management.





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HP Pavilion 17-f052ng with Debian Linux 2014 not a good idea

I have thought that buying an old machine is not necessary nowadays, because the driver support ist getting better in Linux every month. But this machine really sucks. First off I would have really preferred a machine with only Intel hardware, because I found that Intel today really does a good support job and I did not have much trouble with it.

ATI and Nvidia on the other hand are not really that open source friendly. So thats my problems in August 2014:

  • The ATI Radeon chipset 6900 does not really work with Xorgs Radeon driver. I then used the VESA driver in xorg.conf and this seems to work ok. Even HD videos can be streamed. I don’t know the state of that VESA drivers, but I always thought they were more limited. SO graphics is workable, but sure one should not use VESA generic driver.
  • If I shut down the lid and the Notebook goes into hibernate mode I can not wake it up.
  • The sound driver seems to work now. I have a MATE desktop and I could see some device but could not¬† set the volume. The solution was I guess to install the package mate-media-pulse. After that there was a conflict with the volume meter that I added to the panel by hand but¬† a new one appeared automatically – and it worked. So that was not a hardware issue but rather installing the mate-desktop does not give you all you might need for a desktop.
  • Wireless also did not work. I have¬† solution but its really not fixed. It is the RTL8723BE . I found this Debian Forum entry. There is a Git repository. If you download you can not compile because on line 621 there is an error and I wonder why its not fixed in the repo:

You need to change :

if ((_ieee80211_is_robust_mgmt_frame(hdr)) &&


if ((ieee80211_is_robust_mgmt_frame(hdr)) &&

See also this #5


So thats it for now. I might write a new article if important fixes are available. I am basing this on “Debian Jessie”.

UPDATE 2015: The wireless chip has a problem with power saving. There seems to be a simple fix like it is described here. Create a bew file like /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf  with this contents:

options rtl8723be fwlps=0

The problem with this chip seems to be that it goes into power sace mode, but the software does not realise and so you are doomed. There are akso new drivers rtlwifi_new that might be available for your system at some point. I chose the simple fix for now. Seems to do the job


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My impression of the first presidential debate

I actually watched the whole debate, although in Europe it started at 2 am.

For me Romney was not the winner. He was indeed MUCH better than I expected. But in on the one hand the contents of his policies are jut bad, also as some already have pointed out he took some new positions and distanced himself from himself.

Some argue that Obama should have attacked Romney more. But why should he. I knew even before the debate that Obama would not attack Romney on where he had misspoken. Sure that would have been a big mistake. Especially as americans, more than Europeans hate aggressive politicians. So Obama went to take some hits from the start. That never surprised me.

Romney did the best that he could, he looked very nervous and acted aggressively. Obama did not his best to counter the attacks. He was unsure what to do so I guess he rather stood to the campaign plan which was to talk to the viewers and explain what he did and plans to do. He looked much more often into the camera.

What would have happened if he had countered the attacks of Romney as aggressive we will never know. My guess is that the outcome would be worse. Romney had nothing to loose but much to gain. The opposite is true for Romney.

So what we could see was exactly what we could expect. It went quite well for Romney. But I think the more important impact o the debate will be now if everything Romney has said will be investigated.

He opened up a lot of holes in his line of arguments.


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OpenBSD as guest in Virtualbox

Does this work? Yes it does currently. With OpenBSD 5.0, 5.1 an VirtualBox 3.2.

Without hardware virtualization on my CPU I had to start VirtualBox differently than normally, though:

VBoxSDL –norawr0 ¬†–startvm NAMEOFMACHINE &

Then it should run ok. I run this setting on a Debian 6.x Squeeze since some years. So it does not need VT-x or AMD-V hardware virtualization support, as Oracle says.

–norwar0” means ¬†“disable raw ring 3”. I still dont really understand this completely. But Wikipedia also talks about the rings.



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4 years it has been since I wrote about GNOME blogs here in this blog. And still the Plone site did not finish.

Plone was chosen and I link again to the reasons:

Ok, let's go for Plone. I think we could reach our wgo goals with
Midgard as well but there are some reasons that probably make Plone a
better choice here and now. These reasons, detailed above, are based
more on human factors than the tools themselves.

To me this is the end of the CMS selection process.
If you have anything to discuss, let's discuss it

I always have been strongly against this choice and it had been the reason why I quitted the GNOME web team in frustration about the shortsightedness. Most people don’t talk about things once they have left their group behind. I do. I keep an eye on what happens afterwards.

Ok now they use WordPress for all pages it seems. I did not find a condensed reasoning behind the new migration in the wiki. It seems to have happened between April 2011 and June 2011 for some reasons. I will not elaborate about pros and cons. I still think WordPress ist not really a CMS and can not match up to Drupal. But still WordPress is still better in handling than the Plone monster.

To the Plone fans: Sure Plone is much, much more secure and you can do a whole lot with it. But if you just want to run a website with it I still think it s really a pain. And I am not a CMS newbie . What I continually find sad is to argue with people and see things going in the wrong direction only to see after many years things moving in the same direction one has hoped it would go. Why do such thing keep happening?

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EHEC, Germany, Spain

The latest EHEC outbreak (see BBC) in Germany, where I live, is scary. I have heard about a lot of people who are in intensive care unit. Kidney problems and the nervous system goes wild. Yet nobody I know personally has been affected. Strangely though, although we have the most cases in my area Schleswig-Holstein (northern Germany), many people seem to take it not very seriously. I do, much more, than the yearly flu or anything else, because there have been many deaths.

To the case of Germany wrongly declaring that cucumbers from Spain had been the cause I really thing our government should pay compensation. But I think this is not the right time to discuss. Yet the source of the infection is unknown, which makes the thing even more scary.

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